As the Japanese saying, literally, says, "prickly ash is tiny but hot & spicy," the phrase is often extended to mean small but powerful. Prickly Ash dictionaries although tiny, still hopes to pack a punch.


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Tones of South Western Mandarin In Chengdu & Its Suburbs

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• Pinyin searches can work with or without tones & with or with out spaces; for instance 巴适 can be found by searching "basi", "ba si", "ba1si4" or "ba1 si4".
• Dictionaries do not tend to agree on everything romanization-wise, here is an idea of some IPA to romanaizaiton converstions and vice versa:
[n]/[Ĩ] --> l
[ȵ] --> n
[ŋ] --> ng
[z] --> r
• 《成都话方言词典》provided the most easily understandable, down-to-earth, romanization/pinyin system; improvements and changes have been based off of it with logical updates:
- tone shandi is not explicitly marked but pinyin reflects actual pronunciation
- er-hua is merged into entries pinyin
- pinyin matches actual pronunciation best as possible


• Characters are disputable
• When in doubt use pinyin search to see more possible matching entires
• Non-unicode characters have been supplied/supported by Babel Stone

Search Types

• Character search will give all results that contain searched query: 巴适 will return 巴适, 巴巴适适 and 整得巴适
• Character search will also give pronunciation results for all available characters: 巴适 returns 《现代汉语方言音库 • 成都话音档》词语: 巴 发音: ba1 国际音标: pa⁵⁵ and 《现代汉语方言音库 • 成都话音档》词语: 适 发音: si2 国际音标: sɿ²¹ -- non-dictionary words will also provide pronunciation result entries.
• Pinyin search will, also, give all results that contain entered query: basi will return ba1 si4 (巴适/实), ba4 si4 (罢市), xiao3 jia1 ba2 si2 (小家八适), cen2 gu3 ba2 si2 nian2 (陈古八十年), hao3 dao4 ba2 si4 (好道八实), jiao1 ba1 si2 (焦巴湿), qi2 nao3 ba2 si2 (七老八十) and xiao3 jian4 ba2 si2 (小见八识). • Searches pre-fixed with a # will return characters, pinyin, IPA, parts of speech contained in the definitions, sample sentences and footnotes: #巴适 will return a lot of sample setences where you can see how 巴适 is used in example sentences, #pa⁵⁵ sɿ²¹³ will return all IPA pronunciations queried, want to know how to say 舒服 in Sichuanese? just search #舒服 where entries like: 巴适、了然、安逸、匀匀净净 and 熨贴 will be returned. #(形) will return all adjectives, #(动) will return all verbs, #(名) will return all nouns.

Tones of South Western Mandarin In Chengdu & Its Suburbs

成都 55 21 53 213 /
金堂 55 21 42 13 /
温江 55 21 52 13 33
郫县 55 21 52 13 33
崇州 55 21 52 13 33
新都 55 31 51 13 33
都江堰 55 21 52 13 33
双流 55 31 52 13 33
新津 55 21 42 13 33
大邑 55 21 52 13 33
邛崃 55 21 53 324 33
蒲江 55 31 53 13 33
彭州 55 21 52 13 33



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